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Public Tenders, Development of Food Supplements and Medical Devices, Trading of Healthcare and Non-Healthcare Materials, Logistics Services, Marketing of Food Supplements and Medical Devices, Depositary, Consulting, E-commerce, and more.

“I keep the subject of my investigation constantly before me and wait until the first dawns gradually develop little by little into a clear and full light.”

Sir Isaac Newton

Leading Med Srl is a dynamic and innovative company

For Leading Med, it is essential to always put the patient at the centre.

Maintaining integrity and responsibility towards one’s own work and providing top quality standards are the company’s defining characteristics.


Leading Med is a company that bases its work on a sense of responsibility to its clients.

The daily goal is to put the person first, even before the customer.


The Leading Med team has great expertise in the field, devoting all their efforts to making and marketing safe and efficient products.


Leading Med quality encompasses every step of the process; it is fundamental from production to marketing, ensuring not only quality products but also quality relationships and services.


Leading Med is a young and dynamic company that puts innovation at the core requirements of its products and marketed products. Cutting-edge products are ensured by continuous studies and research in the field and through continuous monitoring of innovations in the pharmaceutical industry.

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LeadingMed has been running its business between logistics and sales since 2019.

Leading Med is a company in continuous development, whose vision aims to make the company increasingly a benchmark in the industry, aspiring above all to build relationships of trust and credibility with its customers, through the continuous promotion of effective solutions.

mq 1000 of warehouses for the storage of medicines, in compliance with all applicable regulations, in accordance with HACCP

offices 400

35 sales agents

+25 informers

Production 70%
Technology 90%
Logistics 70%