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About Us

About Us

Find out more about Leading Med Srl

Leading Med Srl is a dynamic and innovative company, which since 2019 has been committed to the health and safety of people who put their trust in its products.

The dedication and precision of the Leading Med staff has made the company a benchmark in the design, production and marketing of Medical Devices, Supplements and IVDs. Leading Med applies a scientific and analytical approach to the medical devices sector and great rigour to the quality of the products marketed, with constant attention to the changes and evolutions of the pharmaceutical market.

Our research

Leading Med is constantly engaged in the research and creation of innovative products, in fact, the products marketed are also the result of Leading Med research, in collaboration with selected manufacturers, or concessions from foreign multinationals.

Leading Med manages its business between logistics and sales, boasting, in fact, over 1000 square metres of warehouses for the storage of pharmaceuticals, in compliance with all current regulations, HACCP-compliant, and over 400 square metres of offices.

Our goal

Leading Med’s goal is to improve the daily lives of its customers by combining commitment to results and responsibility towards consumers, through a strong network consisting of an entrepreneurial team, 35 sales agents and 25 sales representatives. Leading Med is able to capture the best solutions on the world market through constant research and development. Thanks to the synergy of the Leading Med team, there are over 2000 customer pharmacies, more than 200 B2B customers and over 4000 doctors visited.

Leading Med is a reality in continuous development, whose vision aims to make the company increasingly a point of reference in the sector, aspiring above all to build relationships of trust and credibility with its customers, through the continuous promotion of effective solutions.

What makes us stand out

For Leading Med, always putting the patient at the centre, maintaining integrity and responsibility towards its work and providing top quality standards are constitutive features of the company’s mission.

What distinguishes Leading Med is its focus on quality, which goes far beyond fulfilling regulatory requirements, aiming for much higher standards through constant and careful quality control.

What has been created so far is a great achievement for Leading Med, but above all a starting point for the realisation of new projects.

Our Certifications

Our company is certified in the quality management system according to the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 45001 : 2018 for the following areas of activity:

  • Wholesale of medical and orthopaedic articles
  • Wholesale of other food products
  • Wholesale of medicines


Pharmacies as Customers


Doctors Visited


Sales Agents


Customers B2B

Leading Med deals with four main areas of expertise:

  • Medical Area: specialist prescription products
  • Pharmacy and B2B Area: IVD
  • Consumer Area: Inkderma Line
  • Business Services: Public tenders, Development of Food Supplements and Medical Devices, Trading of medical and non-medical materials, Logistics services, Marketing of Food Supplements and Medical Devices, Warehousing, Consulting, E-commerce.